This diagram shows the correct way to weigh an Inboard Boat for Wakesurfing. Each manufacturer has a different set up but it you follow these basic guidelines you will be cruising behind a monster wake all summer long. 

First: Fill all factory ballast in the boat. 

Second: Place your Fat Sacs or Sumo Sacs in the rear of the boat as far over as possible to the same side you are wakesurfing on. By weighting one side of the boat you are creating a barrel-wake that is considered the best for wakesurfing. 

NOTE: When weighting your boat make sure to give a little throttle to bring the bow of the boat up enough when passing through wakes so they don't wash over the front of the boat. 

One of the great things about Ballast is that it doesn't matter if they are the same size and shape as the compartment or space they are going in because they will conform. If you want maximum weight out of a space or compartment you need to go with sacs at least as big, if not bigger then the space or compartment so when you fill them and they conform they will fill up the whole area and give you maximum weight out of it. 

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