10 Ways To Hack Your Wake Boating Experience

10 Ways to Hack Your Boating Experience

10 Ways To Hack Your Boating Experience

We put our boater heads together and came up with 10 essential hacks every boater should be taking advantage of on their wake boat. The list ranges from safety must-haves, to inexpensive game changers, with all hacks cooked up through many years spent on the water! Give it a read, if there's a hack of yours you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Ronix Bimini Top Board Bag - 4 pc surf bag

Ronix Bimini Top Board Bag

The Ronix Bimini Top Board Bag is a perfect hack for larger families or wakesurfing fanatics. With the majority of wake boats only offering space for four boards in the board racks, finding space for the rest of your board quiver can quickly become a problem. Say the kids, ladies, and gents each have their own wakeboard and wakesurf board. That's 6 different boards, already putting you 2 boards over your current capacity. Rather than leaving boards at home, and limiting your time on the water to only one sport, store an extra 4 surfs on top of your bimini!

Boat Koozie that says ActiveWake in black and green

Sharpie or Unique Drink Koozies

Most wake boats have an ample amount of cup holders, which is awesome... but with so many options to place your drink, it's easy to forget whose is whose. Keeping a sharpie on the boat, or a compartment full of unique koozies to distinguish drinks, is a simple and effective hack. No more tossing "wounded soldiers", or collecting water bottles with only a couple sips out of them.

Roswell Seahorse Hanger-0Roswell Seahorse Hanger

No one likes putting on a wet life jacket, or drying off with a damp towel. The Roswell Seahorse hanger fixes that problem! The hanger also doubles as a rope holder, to keep all your ropes from getting tangled up. This is truly a must have hack for any boat.

Boating hacks, store wet boards on bottom rack

Store Wet Boards on the Bottom Rack

If you're a boater, you've likely run into the problem of wet boards dripping into the boat. For the passenger looking to stay dry, water all over their clothes or phone can put a real damper on the day. Once you're done with your set, put your board in the bottom rack. For whatever reason, the angle is just different enough to keep the majority of dripping outside the boat!

Changer Towels

Keeping a couple changer towels on the boat is great for any season, but especially great when riding in colder weather. Whether you need to change in or out of your wetsuit, or you're just looking to get warm and cozy up, the changer towels change the game.

Tool kit to keep on your wake boat, boating hacks

Always Keep a Tool-Kit Onboard

Our Boat Sales Manager, Chantel, has a great video detailing the essentials to keep in your tool kit. Whether you're trailering your boat, out for a quick set, or on the water for a week, things can go wrong. It is important to always keep a reliable tool-kit on the boat so you're prepared for any situation.


Snorkel mask and knife used for cutting rope that gets stuck around a boat propeller

Snorkel Mask and Knife

Chantel mentioned this in her tool-kit video, but in case you skipped past it, this one is super important! No matter how careful you are, every boater has a story about that one time their rope got stuck in the prop. To avoid a tow back to the dock, and doing this off the water, make sure you always keep goggles and a blade of some kind on the boat!

Liquid Force Ding Repair Kit


It happens, boards go into the back of the boat, boards get whacked on the tower, and often, boards aren't handled properly. The best way to minimize the damage, is keeping a repair kit on the boat at all times! The Liquid Force ding repair kit allows you to seal up the damage and get back to riding within 10 minutes.

Seachoice Telescoping Paddle

Telescoping Paddle

A necessity for when all else fails.

Bring Extras

No one wants a cluttered boat, but it helps to have extras of everything. A couple extra towels, sunglasses, hats, sweatshirts, sunscreen, etc. Things get wet, sat on, and lost out on the water. To truly hack your boating experience, and be prepared for anything that may come your way, bring extras!


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