2017 LF Surf and 2017 Malibu VLX

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A few weeks back the AWS crew showed up to the shop and we were welcomed by the sight of some new 2017 Liquid Force wakesurfers and a shiny new 2017 Malibu 21 VLX. We decided what better way to break in this new gear than to take it out for a morning shred. All of us were very impressed with how the new LF boards rode. One of the overall favorites was the Super Tramp, which is a loose and quick skim-style epoxy board. Another shop favorite was the Pod, which features a quad-fin set-up and a snub nose. As always, the Malibu VLX was dishing out the clean, long surf wave we've all come to love. Not to mention the new VLX is advertised at $79,995. Here's a little edit of the shenanigans and shredding that went down.