2021 Follow Wake Is In!

2021 Follow Wake Is In!

2021 Follow Vests, Ropes and Handles, Neo, and Accessories Are Here!

Incredibly good-looking and cool as can be. But Follow Season 10.5 is more than that. Take a look under the hood and you'll see why the standards you hold others to simply don't apply here. With 10 years of fine tuning, Follow has come up with some of the most comfortable and technical product on the market.

"Does anyone know what the hell is going on? The ups and downs, alone and isolated, the health and sickness, the boom and bust. With such contemplations in a whirlpool time frame. I find I am left with little choice at the end of the day but to take time, and to breath. That’s 2020 to me. I doubt I am alone feeling like that. So during our final hour reflections, we choose to refine the work of our past and to bring some of the future to life, while also introducing a line that respects origins and heritage. Not quite season 11, but with season 10 in the review mirror. Befitting a year that has put many lives on hold. Welcome to season 10.5." - Steven Anderson / Founder