5 Best Wakeboards for Advanced Riders [2023]

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5 Best Wakeboards for Advanced Riders

Are you an advanced wakeboarder looking to take your skills to the next level? Then you'll need the right gear to help you achieve your goals! Wakeboards come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is designed with a specific riding style in mind. For advanced riders, finding the perfect wakeboard can be the key to unlocking your full potential on the water. Check out our top 5 advanced wakeboards for 2023 that'll level up your riding in no time!


#1 Liquid Force 2023 Unity Aero - Free Riders Dream 

Price: $749.99
Sizes: 135, 139, 143
Rocker: Continuous
Construction: Aero

First up on our list is Sam Brown's pro model with Liquid Force Unity Aero. Lightweight, loose, and a sh*t ton of pop, this board is an absolute free riders dream. Liquid Force strategically reduced unnecessary bulk and materials to reduce the board's swing weight, and in doing so formulated their very own Space Frame Deck Technology. At the core is an open cell divinicyl pvc foam and a 3 inch strip of carbon that runs tip to tail through the center, both on the top and base. In layman's terms, this board is light and rigid and will without a doubt take your riding to the next level.

#2 Ronix 2023 Supreme Air Core 3 - Best Overall Ronix 2023 Supreme Wakeboard - main

Price: $599.99
Sizes: 137, 141, 145
Rocker: Hybrid - Continuous Middle/Three-Stage Outer
Construction: Air Core 3

Landing second on our list, and named "Best Overall" is the Ronix Supreme. If you're not set on either rocker profile, opting for the Supreme's hybrid rocker profile offers you the best of both worlds. Additionally, for 2023 the Supreme got a major face lift, shedding nearly 2 lbs. Constructed with Ronix's new lively Air Core, a thinner profile, and new full length speedwalls, this board has tons of on water feel and is more reactive than ever before. Truly a great option for any advanced rider looking to land their next trick.

#3 Liquid Force 2023 Remedy Aero - Biggest Air 

Price: $699.99
Sizes: 134, 138, 142
Rocker: Three Stage
Construction: Aero

Third on our list, and back for another year is the Liquid Force Remedy Aero. This board was made for hard charging and getting tons of straight up pop. The Remedy features a triple concave base through the center, flowing into quad channels out the tail. This channeling was designed to produce lift while you're up on your feet and riding, and provide a quick release off the wake. Add in two carbon bands both top and base for added strength and rigidity, and this thing absolutely rips! Still not convinced, check out 8 Time World Champ, Harley Clifford, on his new board. WATCH HERE

#4 Ronix 2023 One Blackout Technology - Most Reactive Ronix 2023 One Blackout Wakeboard - Main

Price: $799.99
Sizes: 134, 138, 142, 146
Rocker: Three Stage
Construction: Blackout Technology

The Ronix One Blackout has an energy response rating of 10/10, which means as you move on the water this board reacts instantly! Only a few engineers at the Radar Lake lab know the secret sauce used to produce their "Blackout Technology." So although we can't speak much on the tech, we can assure you this board rides faster, feels livelier, and reacts quicker than any other board in the line-up. For 2023, Ronix shed an additional 1.5 lbs of weight for increased precision and agility.

#5 Ronix 2023 Women's Rise Air Core 3 - Best Women's Ronix 2023 Rise Women's Wakeboard - Main

Price: $549.99
Sizes: 132, 136, 140
Rocker: Hybrid
Construction: Air Core 3

Rounding out the list is yet another Ronix board, but this one's specifically for the ladies! Ronix set out to make a board for pro rider Mary-Morgan Howell. The goal was to craft something she could win titles on, but still be forgiving enough for novices to enjoy. In doing so, they combined the rocker line and speed of the RXT (Continuous) with the kick of the One (3-Stage) and made a board that's got the best of both worlds. Additionally featuring Ronix's lightweight and reactive Air Core 3 construction, the Rise is set to elevate your riding to the next level.