5 Best Wakeboards for Beginners [2023]

Top 5 Wakeboards for Beginners

Looking for the best wakeboard for your first time on the water? Whether you're a grom or an adult, there's a wakeboard out there that's perfect for your skill level. From stable and predictable boards, to smaller boards for younger riders, these top 5 beginner wakeboards have everything you need to start having fun on the water.

#1 Liquid Force 2023 Trip - Most Popular

Price: $319.99 
Sizes: 130, 135, 139, 144, 150
Rocker: Continuous
Construction: Precision PU Core
Buy as a Package: 2023 Index Boots | 2021 Index Boots

Liquid Force has been trippin' for quite some time now (since 1999 to be exact). The Liquid Force Trip is tested and trusted as one of the most beginner-friendly wakeboards on the market. The double concave hull with molded-in side fins allows for maximum control on the water. The continuous rocker provides smooth and predictable pops off the wake for learning your first jumps and wake to wake. For 2023, Liquid Force added a 150cm for the big boys looking to get out behind the boat.
*Also available in a women's specific graphic. See the Liquid Force Angel.

#2 Hyperlite 2023 State 2.0 - Toe Side Hero

Hyperlite 2023 State 2.0 Wakeboard

Price: $339.99
Sizes: 130, 135, 140, 145
Rocker: Continuous
Construction: Monocoque
Buy as a Package: Hyperlite State 2.0 with Remix Boots

The Hyperlite State 2.0 is a complete entry level deck shaped to progress one's riding quickly. This board features shorter toe-side edges and subtle toe-side footbed risers. Both are intentionally designed to make it easier to get onto your toes, and hold your toe-side edge all the way through the top of the wake. The longer, heel-side edge provides stability and speed as it approaches the wake.

#3 Ronix 2023 Vault - Lightweight Foundation

Ronix 2023 Vault Wakeboard

Price: $339.99
Sizes: 135, 140, 145
Rocker: Three-Stage
Construction: Monocoque
Buy as a Package:  District Bindings

Similar to the State 2.0, the Ronix Vault offers toe-side help with a thinner, sharper toe-side rail. The Vault also shed 20% of its weight for 2023, making it easier to transition your turns and give you more on water feel. With its traditional three-stage rocker offering more vertical straight up pop, you'll be able to start going big without having to pick up your next board.

#4 Liquid Force 2023 Fury - Grom's Choice

Liquid Force 2023 Fury

Price: $279.99
Sizes: 115, 120, 125
Rocker: Continuous | Hybrid
Construction: Precision PU Core
Buy as a Package: Liquid Force Fury with Rant Bindings

With different rocker profiles at every size jump, the Liquid Force Fury is all about helping kids progress and have more fun on the water. Starting with a mellow continuous rocker in the 115, to a progressive hybrid rocker in the 125. This board is forgiving enough for any grom to hop on, yet advanced enough for the few young rippers out there stomping tricks like Hudson Haynie.

#5 Hyperlite 2023 Venice - Ladies Specific Flex

Hyperlite 2023 Venice Wakeboard

Price: $359.99
Sizes: 131, 136
Rocker: Continuous
Construction: Monocoque
Buy as a Package: Jinx Bindings

Rounding out our top 5 is the Hyperlite Venice. This is a ladies specific board, shaped intentionally for developing solid foundational skills. The Venice is simple, but both athlete Shaun Murray and shaper Greg Nelson believe that less is more. With its clean base, landings are softer and your ride is smoother as water flows uninterrupted underneath your feet. Add in Hyperlite's Satin Flex (a softer glass layup with more flex) and you'll feel at ease on this beginner friendly wakeboard.