AWS Partners with Barletta Pontoon Boats in Country-Wide Charitable Giving Campaign

AWS Partners with Barletta Pontoon Boats in Country-Wide Charitable Giving Campaign

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Spreading The Love - 10k+ Donated Back to the Community

Active Water Sports is proud to announce that we've partnered with the Bill and Kristin Fenech Foundation on behalf of Barletta Pontoon Boats, to promote charitable giving across the country in local communities. Bill Fenech, president and founder of Barletta Pontoon boats, devised the charitable giving campaign as a way to thank Barletta's dealer network for their friendship and partnership in the last years leading up to its' acquisition by Winnebago Industries. While the campaign was announced contingent upon the closing of the acquisition, it was not a part of the acquisition agreement. The campaign was solely funded by the Bill & Kristin Fenech Foundation.

“Kristin and I have been blessed over the years and the foundation is our way to give back to those in need,” stated Fenech. “While many ideas presented themselves as a way to thank our dealer partners, none of them would have had the lasting impact that this giving campaign will have. We are so thrilled to be a small part of the causes that our dealer partners are passionate about.”

Barletta Pontoon Boats is a fairly new addition to the Active Water Sports line, partnering in early 2020. We could not be more grateful to be in business with such a generous company. At AWS, we value our community and the families within it, and it is clear that Barletta does too! We have decided to split the donation between two awesome local organizations. Wake the World Oregon and the Detroit Lake Foundation. Each organization will be receiving over $5,000 on behalf of Barletta and ourselves. Both of these organizations align with our values and do amazing work in our local communities. Wake the World Oregon This organization gives foster kids and their families a chance to get out on the water for a day. Active Water Sports usually brings a couple boats to the events and donates gear for the raffle/auctions they host. It is a huge event, and a lot of our customers donate their time, money, and boats for the day! We are stoked to be able to help keep these events going, and grateful for Barletta for their generous contribution. Detroit Lake Foundation Detroit Lake is trafficked by a lot of families within our community during the summer time. In 2020, Oregon experienced intense wildfires and the city of Detroit was destroyed. The fire wiped out campgrounds, cabins, all the boats moored on the lake, and the cutest little town. The people who live there full time are working hard to rebuild the community, and the infrastructure, so that they can get back to the town they, and we, know and love. The total impact of Barletta's charitable giving will exceed $2 million dollars across the country, with the potential to reach $4 million contingent on dealer matching. We are thankful and excited for this opportunity to give back, and looking forward to our relationship with Bareletta for years to come!