2021 Moxie Pro Finals

Jamie Lopina Doubles Down on Wins at the 2021 Moxie Pro Final

Jamie Lopina Takes the Boat and Cable Wins at the Moxie Pro Series Finals

The Body Glove Moxie Pro Series wrapped up its months-long competition in Atlanta, Ga., last weekend with two huge events. All of the women showed off their incredible skill with a boat event hosted by the Pro Wakeboard Tour at Lake Lanier and a cable event at Lake Terminus Wake Park. Both events were taken by Ronix rider Jamie Lopina.

The boat event provided a perfect wake behind the Supra SA 550. Lopina landed a series of technically diverse tricks with no falls, earning her the top spot at the podium. Agentinian Eugenia De Armas threw down some of the most technical tricks of the day, but crashed just be her run was complete, still earning her a second place title. Taylor McCollough rounded out the podium in third place.

For the cable event, Lopina, Terminus Wake Park local Rivers Hedrick, and German Ronix rider Julia Rick put on a show for the crowd - some of the best women's wakeboarding you've ever seen. Each rider stomped 720s off the kicker, hit every rail, spinning in both directions on every hit, with solid rail to rail transfers all on the same feature. Lopina stole the top spot again, with Hedrick and Rick close behind.

Lopina took the spotlight over the weekend, but all of the women showed off their incredible skill for the crowd, making for a great, second-annual event.

Moxie Pro Boat Event Final Heat Scores 1. Jamie Lopina 71.66 2. Eugenia De Armas 68.66 3. Taylor McCullough 60.00 4. Tarah Mikacich 59.00 5. Hollie Waldrop 59.00 6. Meagan Ethell 46.00 Moxie Pro Boat Semi-Final Heat Scores Heat 1 1. Tarah Mikacich 77.66 2. Eugenia De Armas 61.00 3. Taylor McCullough 57.00 4. Kitt Smith 3.33 Heat 2 1. Meagan Ethell 79.33 2. Jamie Lopina 75.66 3. Hollie Waldrop 65.33 4. Bec Gange 63.66

Moxie Pro Cable Event Final Heat Scores 1. Jamie Lopina 93.2 2. Rivers Hedrick 84.6 3. Julia Rick 80.5

Moxie Pro Cable Event Semi-Final Heat Scores Heat 1 1. Rivers Hedrick 97.90 2. Meagan Ethell 92.10 Heat 2 1. Jamie Lopina 100 2. Anna Nikstad 90.00 Heat 3 1. Julia Rick 96.00 2. Taylor McCullogh 94.00

Moxie Pro Cable Event Quarter-Final Heat Scores Heat 1 1. Rivers Hedrick 96.10 2. Jamie Lopina 93.90 3. Riley Payne 77.76 4. Lacy Carlton 76.14 Heat 2 1. Anna Nikstad 97.90 2. Taylor McCullogh 92.10 3. Shannon Stuckey 84.99 Heat 3 1. Julia Rick 98.10 2. Meagan Ethell 90.10 3. Hollie Waldrop 82.20