Koppert Triple Crown | Waketoberfest

Koppert Triple Crown | Waketoberfest

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It's that time of the year again – the time for pumpkin-flavored everything, autumn leaves and glassy fall wakeboarding!

Introducing the third and final stop of the 2017 Koppert Triple Crown wake series, WAKETOBERFEST! Participants may have competed in individual events throughout the three-event series but must have competed in all three events to win the Triple Crown title. Awards will be given to the first place Triple Crown winner in each division, and awards will also be given to first, second, and third place riders for the weekend.

Waketoberfest is a one-day competition taking place all day Saturday, September 30th. We'll aim for the first rider off the dock at 10 a.m. Competitors and spectators are welcome to arrive at the lake Friday and camp Friday and Saturday night. Each rider will have a two-pass run on Saturday (down the lake and back twice), and then we will have the awards ceremony for Triple Crown winners (first place only) and Waketoberfest podiums as well (first-third).

Practice sets will be available on Friday, September 29: $10 for 4 passes

Tent camping available: $10 per tent
RV camping with hookup: $25 per RV
No reservations necessary.

Online registration is available at pnwwake.com.
$45 to ride

Grom | under 10 years old
Junior | 10-13 years old
Men’s (14+) Beginner | wake-to-wake tricks
Women’s (14+) Beginner | wake-to-wake tricks
Men’s Novice | up to 1 spin and 1 invert
Women’s Novice | up to 1 spin and 1 invert
Men’s Intermediate | up to 3 spins and inverts
Women’s Intermediate | up to 3 spins and inverts
Advanced | up to 6 spins and inverts
Masters | 40 and up
Open | no limits

Events are held in a two-pass format. One pass is down the lake and back. Throw and land as many tricks as you can during your pass. Riders will be allowed three crashes; after the third crash, the run will be complete. Judges will score riders based on overall riding ability, difficulty of tricks attempted and/or landed, amplitude and style.

Please pre-register online at pnwwake.com!
On-site registration also available Saturday morning.
First rider off the dock at or around 10 a.m.
Bonfire and good times to be had, as always!

Let's finish off the season with a bang! See you at the lake.