Malibu & Axis Boats Awarded Best Innovation & Video

Malibu & Axis Boats Awarded Best Innovation & Video

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The Marine Marketers of America (MMA) have awarded Malibu and Axis Boats for Best Innovation and Best Video for 2018. Last year marked the 11th straight MMA's Neptune Awards with over 170 entries in 20 categories. This industry has changed in many ways over the last decade and something that has greatly increased in quality over the years is video! It was the years most highly-contested category with 25 entries making it the most competitive category in the Neptune Awards history. We can relate how important new creative video content can be for a company as we hired a dedicated videographer, Garrett Lockrem, in 2017. Axis Wake Boats must feel very honored to take home such an amazing award!
T-Series, Best Video:

“This year’s most highly-contested category was video production with 25 entries, proving that video marketing and its sharing capabilities are gaining in popularity as a competitive marketing tool for the marine industry,”

Sally Helme, MMA Vice President and Neptune Awards Co-Chairperson

Malibu Boats has put innovation at the top of their list since Day 1! With other award winners such as Surf Gate and the Power Wedge III, the company decided it was time to win innovation on the marketing side. Malibu decided that it was time to present their customers with a better idea of how these award winning tools worked on their boats through animation. While live action video can show each individual component in action, it does not give you the view of the underwater elements. Animatics are produced with the aid of computer animation and special visual effects. This must have been a huge undertaking for the brand and marketing team as the video turned out flawless! That is why it was recognized by the MMA as Best Innovation.

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