OSMB Proposes Committee to Agree On Statewide River Laws

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On January 10, the Oregon State Marine Board held a public meeting to discuss extending its Slow-No-Wake and no wake enhancement devices (WED) zones throughout statewide rivers. The law prohibits or regulates boats within 200 feet of docks, swim floats, floating homes, boathouses, anchored or moored boats, people in the water, non-motorized boats and the shoreline.

With the first step of the process in play, the OSMB is now looking to assemble a Rules Advisory Committee consisting of a small group of individuals to provide opinions on wake operation, safety and boater conflict. The committee will be formed by invitation only, extending the initial invites to wake sport industry representatives and boaters from a variety of groups. Meetings will be held in Salem or Portland from February to April. The meetings will be open to the public to observe, but not to comment.

Finally, after the meetings conclude, a Notice of Rulemaking will be filed with the Oregon Secretary of State. This will identify the open comment period and announce public hearings to be held to solicit and accept testimonies from people affected by the laws.

Continue to check back for updates on when the OSMB has chosen the committee members, when the meetings will be held and more.