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SCUMLINE Crew Drops a Behind the Scenes Edit - A Scummy Day

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A Scummy Day — A Behind the Scenes Day in the Life of the SCUMLINE Crew

AWS Team Riders Trever Maur and Tyler Higham, along with the rest of the SCUMLINE Crew, give us an inside look of what it takes to produce a full length wakeboard movie. The SCUMLINE Crew has been stacking clips for the last 5+ months, traveling up and down the west coast to find spots and hit different lakes for weeks at a time. This behind the scenes video shows us just how much goes into each clip. The prep, the drive, setting up at the spot, the slams, and the "saved for movie" makes that make all the time and effort worth while. The movie is set to feature a stacked line-up of riders including: Randall Harris Mike Schwenne Derek Cook Mike Bellz Keaton Bowlby and SCUMLINE Crew (Hayden Berg, Josh Twelker, Tyler Higham, and Trever Maur SCUMLINE premieres in August 2022. In the meantime, you can shop all the riders' gear used in the making of the movie below!

Trever Maur Cable/Winch Trever Maur Boat

Tyler Higham Vest Trever Maur Vest

Tyler Higham Board/Boot Set Up Josh Twelker Board