Summer Lunch Break - Nic Rapa

Summer Lunch Break: Episode 16 with Nic Rapa

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Let's grub out, hang out, and talk wakeboarding!

Welcome back to our 16th episode of Summer Lunch Break! Today’s guest is known for his hardwired, competitive nature and aggressive training style. Not to mention his back-to-back-to-BACK (yes that’s three times) wins at the Pro Wakeboard Tour! He’s the guy with too many dubs to count — it’s Nic Rapa!

We join Nic in the final days of quarantine before returning home to his family and friends in Australia. Nic shares his story of how his career as a professional wakeboarder came to be, what it’s like riding for Supra boats and how he stays driven, determined and focused on his riding not only during comp season, but year-round.

If you’ve ever wondered how many Nic Rapa’s it takes to install a ceiling fan, be sure to tune in and find out!

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