Summer Lunch Break: Episode 17 with Jamie Lopina

Summer Lunch Break: Episode 17 with Jamie Lopina

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Let's grub out, hang out, and talk wakeboarding!

Welcome back to Episode 17 of Summer Lunch Break! We took a brief break but we are BACK IN BUSINESS BABY, and who better to get things back up and rolling with us than the 2021 Wakeboarding Mag Women’s Full Scope Award winner… Jamie Lopina!

For today’s episode, we’re talking women’s wake! From taking a double dub at the 2021 Moxie Pro Series to her win at Red Bull Wake the City with her doubles teammate Maryh Rougier, Jamie has been a force to be reckoned with over the past year and she’s just getting started. Jamie gives us insight on the women’s wakeboarding scene and where she thinks it’s headed in the future as well as shares her exciting news of recently joining team SUPRA!

If you’ve ever wondered which style of riding an athlete as versatile as Jamie prefers between boat and cable, be sure to tune in and find out!

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