The Body Glove Moxie Pro Returns for a Second Year of Competition

The Body Glove Moxie Pro Returns for a Second Year of Competition

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The women's-only wakeboarding competition returns with online and in-person events

The 2021 Body Glove Moxie Pro is back for its second year for a series of wakeboard competitions highlighting the phenomenal talent of women in wakeboarding. Women worldwide are offered the opportunity to compete in the Moxie Pro, the first ever all-women's wakeboarding event series. The series includes two digital events featuring submitted videos by competitors - the first event showcasing cable riding and and the second boat riding. The final event will be live in Atlanta.

The events will be judged by professional wakeboarders and industry icons Angelika Schriber, Melissa Marquardt and Sina Fuchs.

Women's wakeboarding seems to be growing in popularity every year, and with some of the best riders to ever do it stomping tricks never done before, it seems things are only going up from here. And with that, the supportive community of women in wakeboarding is growing too.

“The Moxie Pro was the highlight of my year last year,” 2020 Next Body Glove Girl and Fan Vote winner Mary Morgan Howell told Alliance Wake Magazine. “The event was dedicated to promoting and encouraging the strong and hardworking ladies of our sport, and it did just that. I loved having the opportunity to create a unique edit that truly showcased what the sport of wakeboarding means to me. I am so grateful to be a part of Moxie Pro, which celebrates and champions each lady in the uniqueness of her own riding. Moxie Pro 2021 can’t get here fast enough.”

Visit the Moxie Pro website for more information about the upcoming competition and follow @moxieproseries on Instagram for regular updates. Sign-ups and submissions will open on May 24, 2021.

Series Schedule:

June Cable Event

6/18 – 5 Trick Lines Due

6/28 – Event Live at

July Boat Event

7/16 – 6 Trick Lines Due

7/26 – Event Live at

Final Live Event – Atlanta, GA

8/21 & 8/22