Top Wakesurf Boards for Surf Style Riding [2024]

Top Wakesurf Boards for Surf Style Riding [2024]

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Welcome to the exhilarating world of wakesurfing, where the waves aren't dictated by the ocean but by the wake of a boat. As we venture into 2024, the wakesurfing industry continues to evolve, offering a plethora of innovative wakesurf boards tailored explicitly for those seeking the surf-style experience on the water. In this guide, we'll delve into the top wakesurf boards available in 2024, crafted specifically for riders yearning to carve and slash the wake like they're riding ocean waves. All of these boards have been tested and hand selected by our wake experts!

1. Liquid Force 2024 Pod

Liquid Force Pod Wakesurf Board for Surf Style Riding at a price point

Price: $539.99

Construction: EPS Foam and DuraSurf

Ability Level: All levels

Features: Stringerless EPS foam core, square tail, compression molded, and EVA surf traction pad.

Riding Experience: The Liquid Force Pod is a shape that has stood the test of time. It is high performance, yet durable and affordable. The width of this board provides stability for the most novice rider. While the single to double concave hull provides enough speed and maneuverability for more advanced riders. The Pod comes with Carbon Honeycomb fins to provide extra response as this is sometimes lacking in durable construction boards. 


2. Ronix 2024 Atlantik

Ronix 2024 Atlantik Wakesurf Board

Price: $799.99

Construction: Flyweight

Ability Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Features: Fin-S system, core vents, grooved EVA front and rear traction pads.

Riding Experience: Ronix's most ocean inspired shape to date! The turns are instant, it carries great speed down the line, and the fang tail provides great maneuverability for 360s and getting rail to rail quickly. Ridden as a quad fin this board holds great through carves, and as a twin fin becomes super loose and playful. The whole ActiveWake team is super stoked on this board!



3. Connelly 2024 AK

Connelly 2024 AK Wakesurf Board

Price: $849.99

Construction: EPS foam

Ability Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Features: Full length concave base, ghost grip w/ rear EVA traction pad, twin Futures 3.6" vector reinforced surf fins.

Riding Experience: Providing the most pump-ability in our line, this board is catered to the surfer that wants to pump down the line quickly and set up for airs. The AK can be knocked loose with ease, given it's twin fin set-up. However, it still holds well through bottom turn carves allowing for great versatility in its' ride. Brand new for 2024, be sure to check out the Carbon AK as well. 



4. Liquid Force 2024 Twinzer

Liquid Force 2024 Twinzer Wakesurf Board

Price: $979.99

Construction: EPS foam | Carbon/Innegra

Ability Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Features: Single concave hull, crisp rails, EVA surf traction pad, wood stringer, reinforced carbon/innegra top and bottom.

Riding Experience: Familiar with powder days on the mountain? Powder day turns is the closest parallel we can draw to describe the feeling of this board. The two smaller outer fins (canard fins) break up the water so the larger twin fins perform effortless carves. This board is fast, lively, and definitely loose when you want it to be.


5. Soulcraft Superfang-R

Soulcraft SuperFang-R wakesurf board

Price: $1,350

Construction: Epoxy | EPS | PVC

Ability Level: Intermediate | Advanced

Features: Deep concave deck, carbon fiber/flax reinforcements, 4" podium fiberglass honeycomb fins

Riding Experience: Arguably the most well rounded board from Soulcraft's R-Series. The SuperFang-R's tail is relatively wide, providing enough push for novice riders to stay in the pocket. The tail also has two little fangs that help the board release easier for tricks and slashes, while also providing a bit more speed down the line for more advanced riders. The thick rounded rails help give this board that super ocean inspired feel, and the R-Series construction provides a very lively/reactive feel underfoot.





FAQ: Wakesurf Boards

1. How do these boards compare in terms of durability and longevity?

From this list, the Liquid Force Pod is the most durable board. The Pod, and other 'durable' boards on the market, utilize Dura-Surf construction (names vary by brand). This is a bombproof external shell that prevents rail dings and heel dents. Dura-Surf boards are made with an EPS foam core, but rather than the foam being hand laid in fiberglass like more traditional surfers, it is compression molded in a durable shell. Fiberglass boards, although more reactive and lightweight, will need more care when handling as they're fragile in comparison.

2. Are there any notable differences in performance between boards designed for all levels versus those tailored specifically for intermediate to advanced riders?

There are many factors to consider when understanding the performance level of a wakesurf board. Many factors can differentiate an all levels board versus an intermediate-advanced board. Most notably, however, is the wakesurf board's reactivity. Often times, the more reactive a board, the more high-performance it is. Less reactive boards are more forgiving. As you embark on your wakesurf journey, you don't want your board to react to every movement you make. Beginners should opt for something more forgiving as it'll help perfect their skills. As you progress, you'll likely want a board that is more reactive because your movement becomes more intentional.

3. What kind of warranty is offered by the manufacturers for these wakesurf boards?

The Liquid Force Pod comes with a one-year warranty for manufacturer defects. The 4 other boards on this list do not come with any warranty from the manufacturer. The reasoning here is that fiberglass boards are far more fragile and should be treated as such. Offering a warranty on these boards opens up too much room for warranty fraud. It is a good rule of thumb to always speak with your retailer regarding warranty before buying.