Thomas Herman is wakeboarding's triple flip king, landing the first ever triple flip behind the boat at Red Bull Double or Nothing

Wakeboarding's Triple Flip King, Thomas Herman

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Wakeboarding history was made September 16th, 2023 at the RedBull Double or Nothing (DON) Event. Though attempted by some and failed by many, never before has a triple flip been landed behind a boat. That is until professional wakeboarder Thomas Herman fired one off and stuck it down on Lake Ivanhoe during the DON competition.

Thomas Herman celebrates first ever triple flip
Thomas Herman is crowned Red Bull Double or Nothing champion

Thomas Herman is one of those guys you just love to watch ride. You can see how deep his passion for the sport of wakeboarding runs, through his creative Instagram content and many accomplishments within the last few years of his professional career. Winning the PWT “Rookie of the Year” Award in 2021, Thomas’ riding was starting to turn heads. In 2023, Thomas signed with the Supra Boats team and joined their roster of accomplished athletes. 

For a variety of reasons, Wakeboarding Mag did not present their annual Wake Awards for the 2023 season. While that’s a bit of a disappointment, the wake community banded together to honor Thomas’ success. While the “Trick of the Year” Award highlights a single moment in time, we think it’s important to remind you all just how much time an accomplishment such as this one takes.

Triple Flip King Holds up wakeboard trick of the year award
Thomas Herman Wakeboarding
Thomas Herman flexing his triple flip king status

Watch THE WAKE CHANNEL’s documentary “THREE” - a mini documentary capturing the three-year story of wakeboarder, Thomas Herman, as he conquers the uncharted territory of the triple flip behind the boat:

From the entire team here at ActiveWake, we want to wish you the utmost congratulations Thomas! Never stop wakeboarding.