2021 Hyperlite Freepress Wakeboard

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"From flexy tips for pressing with ease to a large surface area for stabile landings, the Freepress is easily the most fun board I have ever ridden." – JB O'Neill

Earning himself the opportunity to create his first ever pro model wakeboard Hyperlite paired JB with Aaron Stumpf to create the Freepress. A clean and simple shape built atop a blended three-stage rocker delivers a fluid feel on the water with a touch of edge hold lining you up for the next feature. The simple flat platform delivers a consistent contact and control point, locking in on features made easy. Longer overall profile combined with thin flex zones make the Freepress one of the most flexible shapes, hitting a Flex Factor of 5. Constructed with Hyperlite's Bamboo Pop Top JB's Freepress bears a lively feel with insane rebound and spring back.


+ Blended Three-Stage Rocker
Hyperlite's blended three-stage rocker creates explosive vertical pop. Designed to boot a rider off the wake, the blended rocker line also generates good speed into the wake without the traditional three-stage drag.

+ Woodlite Construction
The perfect core for park boards with a lively feel and deep-rooted durability. 100% lightweight Paulownia is the meat in this gourmet sandwich, 20% lighter than the competition.

+ Bamboo Pop Top
For those that love the snap and ollie power a natural wood deck provides, but can't sacrifice the reduced weight and contours of a Biolite 3 core, Hyperlite's Pop Top tech is for you! This additional birch laminate sits between the rider and the first layer of fiberglass, allowing for the feel of a natural wood core directly under foot.

+ Sintered Base
Hyperlite's Sintered Base material is the strongest, most durable running surface they offer. The Sintered formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles, making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder.

+ Urethane Sidewall
Molded urethane flexes seamlessly with a wakeboard and bonds to top and base laminates for a fully bonded construction.

+ M6 Inserts

+ Reinforced Rocker Area

+ Flat Tip/Tail Exit Design

+ Parabolic Edge Channels

+ Thinnest Tip/Tail Profile

+ Tip to Tail Edge Bevel

+ New for 2021