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2021 Liquid Force Virago Wakeboard

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Wakeboard Size:137


Anna Nikstad is one badass lady. Some say she is the female warrior of the water, which is the reason her board is called the Virago (look it up). However, this board is equally as good for those guys out there that are looking to dominate their local park. The Virago has a full, rounded thumb tail shape and a triple concave with V tip channels, and a center venturi slot. This allows the board to be smooth on features, but still hold a solid edge while carving. This board features a wood-profiled split core for the ultimate feel on obstacles and the water. Add in the triax glass layup, beveled liquid rails side walls, the LF sintered grind base, and you have a board that can take a beating. The Virago features the Flex Track system for unmatched feel and control on the water.


+ Continuous Rocker
Flowing transitions into turns and long trajectory arc off the wake.

+ Full Paulownia Wood Profiled “Split Core”
Profiled wood from tip to tail to give you stability and strength in between the feet and flex and pop at the tip and tail. Added split channels for more stability and control.

+ Flex Zone - Linear Axis Flex
Liquid Rail strategically placed longitudinally in the tips to give the board an independent flex from center to rail.

+ LF FlexTrack™ Equipped
The industry’s first flexible track continues to lead the charge for high performance flex and feel… combined with a 4D boot, there is no other board/boot connection that feels more secure and in touch with the water! A track that moves with you and the board as you twist into carves and press onto rails… creating an unmatched connection that makes you and your board one.

+ Beveled LiquidRail™ Sidewalls
This elastomeric sidewall, featured on all Liquid Force's park boards for over 10 years, provides additional flex, rail bond, and durability for all your hard-hitting days! Liquid Force was the first to introduce a super durable elastomeric sidewall and they continue to improve it every year. As park riding progresses, they're doing their part to build stronger, more durable rides to keep you on the water, having fun lap after lap… the LF Exclusive Liquid Rail is one way they’re making this happen!

+ Full Rounded Thumbtail Shape

+ Triax Glass Layup

+ Triple Concave w/ V-Tip Channels & Center Venturi Slot

+ LF Sintered GrindBase™

+ 4D™ Optimization; Compatible with all Bindings