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2021 Phase 5 Shrimp Wakesurf Board

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** HAND PAINTED, RANDOM COLOR SELECTION, graphic on actual board may vary from pictured graphic***


The Shrimp evolved from the growth of wakesurfing. Now, kids are getting into the sport at a much younger age than before. Phase 5 found a need for a smaller surfer than the Scamp and the Shrimp is the answer. The design of the Shrimp is a traditional skim style board to keep the board very maneuverable and easy to control for the kids just beginning their quest to drop the rope. Its skim style core makes it easy for kids to sink the board under their feet at start up and will allow them to get up with no problem. Phase 5 equipped the Shrimp with a single 2” fin that provides plenty of traction to keep the board locked into the wave.


+ Skim Style
A fast, responsive style of board proffered by surfers that like to have more feel with their board itself and not just the fins. They can break free easier for 360s on the water or shuvits off the water. A more forgiving style of board when riding behind a steep wake because you typically ride this style of board at a shorter length (making it less likely to dunk the nose).

+ E-Glass™ Wrap
Multi-layers of high density woven E-Glass used in Phase 5’s composilite molded technology. It is strong and built to last.

+ 1/2” Thick
Thinnest core.

+ Composilite™ Construction
Very durable molded construction process used in Phase 5’s entry level wake surfers. Exclusive build technology created by Phase 5 in the USA.

+ Continuous Core
Same thickness from nose to tail. Adds float in 3/4” boards. All 5/8” thick boards are continuous for best performance.

+ Polyester Resin
Polyester resin is the most widely used resin in the composite industry. It provides quality strength and durability.

+ Single Fin Setup
Center solo fin setup found on most of Phase 5’s skim style wakesurfers. Least amount of drag offering the most speed and agility.

+ TuffCoat™ Gloss
Tuff coat gloss finish is used on all our Composilite molded boards. Protects the individually hand painted graphics in Phase 5’s entry level performance line.

+ Airbrush Art