2021 Ronix Rise Women's Impact Vest

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Ladies, we would like to cordially invite you to
the world of lightweight impact vests. The Rise might not check the buoyancy box with the Coast Guard - but has independence in its mobility with flex foam.

WARNING: This is not a life jacket to protect from drowning and IS NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Check your local and state regulations before purchasing.


+ CE Approved
An EU approved European tournament jacket.

+ Tailored Fit
Designed entirely for the avid waterwoman. Ronix went deep into the outfitting process and borrowed some principles from lifelong NYC tailors who know what it takes to form a flawless fit. Once Mr. Manhattan got the dimensions all dialed in, the next step was to perfect the ratio of sizes ranging from XS all the way to a 4XL. So not only did they create the perfect fit, but they have it in eight different sizes.

+ Four-Way Stretch
Your body can end up in some contorted positions when you are riding – this material has the mobility to take that journey with you.

+ Longer Torso
Some of Ronix's vests are designed 2” longer than a standard vest. Sometimes it’s just a little awkward when your belly button is saying hello.

+ Oversized Arm Holes
Sometimes those arms like to flap – these bigger holes let you roll the windows down with ease.

+ Flex Foam
A slinky for your chest. It will bend, twist, and turn in any direction you need it to.

+ Non-CGA Approved
Non-U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest.