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Liquid Force 2022 RDX Wakeboard

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RDX Wakeboard

The RDX Wakeboard, A board designed to provide ultra-smooth pop off the wake, with a stylishly smooth, mellow, and controlled ride on the water. The RDX features quad molded-in fins which are deep enough for extra hold when needed, but still allow for a loose, fun ride. Its progressive three-stage rocker gives you all the pop you are looking for, while the single to double concave center hull softens the landings for when you really send it! Hop on this board and have your own Raph Derome Experience...


+ Progressive Three-Stage Rocker
An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake for riders that go behind a big boat wake.

+ Precision PU Core
Molded polyurethane foam provides the ultimate center of Liquid Force’s standard performance boat boards. Built with lightweight durability in mind for the everyday user.

+ Low Volume Beveled Rails
The volume and configuration of rails facilitate control, maneuverability, power, and speed. The low volume beveled rails give quick edge to edge transitions and more bite off the wake. The beveled design allows more freedom of maneuverability allowing less hangups.

+ DISC Hull Into Slight V
The double concave inside a single concave is designed to be fast and “skatey” all over the water. It forces the water beneath the board to be dispersed in a way that allows effortless movements and easy transitions. The slight V gives the water that extra direction of flow for extra performance.

+ Quad V Tip Channels
The bottom of the board was designed to disperse water like a V splitting the flow of water for a faster ride and release off the water.

+ Molded-In Quad Fins with Removable Center Fin
The molded-in deep quad fins were designed with maximum hold but maintaining minimal drag.

+ Diamond Square Tail Shape

+ 3-Position M6 Insert Pack

+ Optimized for LF 6X/6R Bindings | Compatible with all 6" Bindings

+ Raph Derome Pro Model


Length (cm) Width (in) Surface Area (in2) Rocker (in) Stance 6X/6R (in) Weight Range (lbs)
130 16.6 738 2.4 19 - 23 60 - 130
134 16.8 773 2.5 20 - 24 90 - 170
138 17.2 817 2.6 21 - 25 130 - 190
142 17.5 852 2.7 22 - 26 160 - 210







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