A Liquid Force 2022 Sting Wakesurf Board with a green and yellow design featuring a concave hull board and tri-fin set up.
A Liquid Force 2022 Sting Wakesurf Board with a purple and white design, featuring a concave hull board for enhanced maneuverability and a tri-fin set up to optimize stability.

Liquid Force

Liquid Force 2022 Sting Wakesurf Board

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This single concave hull board features a large wing, or break, just at the base of the side fins creating a distinctive pivot point. The pivot point is further enhanced by a concave slot running underneath the wing to add lift and free up the rail allowing the board to turn quick and easy with zero loss of speed. The Sting has a full shape in front of the wing keeping you in the wake and flowing forward. Its rails go from soft/catch free in the nose to crisp/sharp in the tail and with a tri-fin set up and “Sting Wing.” The Sting has the bite and hold needed for carving precise tight turns. Float like a butterfly and Sting like a bee...


+ Surf Style
For riders that like a little bit of everything. They want to generate power through their bottom turn, but still be able to quickly and easily leave the waterline. A growing style of wakesurfing designed for bigger airs leaving the wake, but can still easily lock in for a proper cutback.

+ EPS Foam with Surf Stringer
Lightweight EPS foam used by some of the surf industry’s top manufacturers.

+ Single Concave Hull with Quad Channels
As the shape of the bottom of the board changes, water reacts differently.

+ Carbon Tail Wrap
Protection against rail dings and heel dents.

+ Carbon Bottom Tape

+ Squash Tail

+ Fiberglass Hand Lamination

+ EVA Surf Traction Pad