A Liquid Force 2022 Unity Aero Wakeboard with an aggressive continuous rocker for enhanced performance.

Liquid Force

Liquid Force 2022 Unity Aero Wakeboard

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A hard charging featherweight performer for those that like it fast and loose. All new for 2022, Sam Brown's Unity Aero. Sam describes this board is like an exquisite piece of artwork... with depth and elegance. Find yourself with your own paintbrush and unlock your maximum potential with the Unity Aero!


+ Aggressive Continuous Rocker
An earlier arc with a mellower degree will have a smoother, more consistent glide up the wake. A rider will be able to carry more speed up the transition and land tricks farther out into the flats.

+ Liqhtweight CNC'd Aero Core
An open cell divinicyl core that gives the board new life and weighing in at just over 5lbs!

+ SpaceFrame Deck Technology - Maximum Strength/Rigidity While Minimizing Extra Material
The intentionally designed deck of Sam Brown’s Aero Unity was created for maximum strength and rigidity while utilizing minimum unnecessary material and bulk. The outcome gives LF their very own Space Frame Deck Formulation and dramatic swing weight reduction.

+ CX2 Dual Carbon Stringer Top & Base
A thick three inch wide strip of carbon runs tip to tail through the center of the board on the top and base. This adds strenght and rigidity to the board without adding weight.

+ Precision Bottom Channeling
Intentionally designed channels on the base of the board provide pro level control when tracking, boosting, and landing off a wake.

+ Warped Molded-In Quad Fins
The molded-in warped quad fins were tested by Sam until the feeling was exactly what he was wanting. A ride with smooth control and dramatically less drag.

+ Ultralight Diamond Squaretail

+ Double Concave Center Hull into Quad Concave Tips

+ Equipped with LF Exclusive New 4-Up Strip Bar Insert Pack

+ Optimized for LF 6X/6R Bindings | Compatible with all 6" Bindings

+ Sam Brown Pro Model