A Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf board on a black background, exuding performance stoke.
A Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf with a sleek design for optimal performance on the water.
A Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf with a yellow and white design.
A Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf, known for its performance prowess, is showcased against a sleek black background.
A Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf board with different numbers and numbers.

Liquid Force

Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf

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Wakesurf Size:4'10
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Liquid Force 2023 Happy Pill Wakesurf


Oregon City

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1224 McLoughlin Blvd
Oregon City OR 97045
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6719 S Macadam Ave
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With a full, round shape and quad fin set up, this board is stable yet snappy and maneuverable. Drive down the line to pop an air or chill and hang your toes over the nose. This board is beyond forgiving and can be mellow or aggressive depending on your mood. The perfect blend of performance and stoke for any rider ability level. Take a set on the Happy Pill and see what all the stoke is all about!


+ Surf Style
For riders that like a little bit of everything. They want to generate power through their bottom turn, but still be able too quickly and easily leave the waterline. A growing style of wakesurfing designed for bigger airs leaving the wake, but can still easily lock in for a proper cutback.

+ Dura-Surf Construction
These boards combine high performance with Liquid Forces most durable, lightweight construction. Whether you’re looking for a skim style or surf style, the CNC EPS cores with a wrapped outer shell are meant to take a beating and keep coming back for more!

+ Stringer-less EPS Foam
Lightweight EPS foam used by some of the surf industry’s top manufacturers.

+ Single to Double Concave Hull
As the shape of the bottom of the board changes, water reacts differently.

+ Soft Catch Free Rails

+ Square Tail

+ Compression Molded

+ EVA Surf Traction Pad