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Hyperlite 2023 Womens Syn Bindings
Hyperlite 2023 Womens Syn Bindings
Hyperlite 2023 Womens Syn Bindings
Hyperlite 2023 Womens Syn Bindings
Hyperlite 2023 Womens Syn Bindings
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Hyperlite 2023 Womens Syn Bindings

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Until now, there has never been a binding in the Hyperlite line designed specifically for a female rider. The new Syn binding is built from the ground up to fit and function for ladies looking to take their riding to the next level. The Syn has reduced internal volume and a lower cuff to accurately fit a woman's foot and calf. The dual quick cinch lace system allows for fine tuning of boot tension. All of these features are built atop our Low Pro Plate System which puts the rider closer to the deck of the board for maximum feel and control.


+ Support Level - Max
Material selection engineering to maintain solid support and feel.

+ Range of Motion - Max
Designed for those seeking a softer more flexible boot - tweaking to the Max.

+ Low Pro Plate System
The Low Pro Plate system takes much of what we learned from the System binding and incorporates it into a more traditional design. We began by reducing the overall volume by nearly 16%, which translates into a much lighter boot. Our drop-through footbed keeps a rider closer to the deck for maximum control and response. To ensure the baseless design did not produce unwanted plate twist we connected the sidewalls to the chassis, creating a stronger foundation.

+ Adjustable Sizing
Adjustable toe design & floating tongue offer different shoe sizes a secure fit. Share your Bindings and #PassTheHandle.

+ Easy on Fit
Binding opens wide easing entry to begin your session.

+ Molded EVA Traction
Ultra grade EVA foam that is molded has a smoother finish and I considered more comfortable.

+ Flow Through H2O Drainage
Engineered gaps to shed water weight quickly, reducing weight during each session.

+ Aluminum Mounting System
Reinforced stability plates with a raised teeth interlocking design reducing heel lift solidifying your connection.

+ Universal 6" Mounting Spread
Industry standard insert pattern - Mates with every wakeboard on the market today.

+ Lace Closure - Dual
Upper and lower lace closures provide adjustability & customization.