The Hyperlite 2024 Landlock Wakesurf Board - 5'9" is perfect for surf adventure enthusiasts looking to experience the thrill of wakesurfing.


Hyperlite 2024 Landlock Wakesurf Board - 5'9"

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Wakesurf Size:5'9


Shaped to catch any size wave and ideal for your first surf adventure. The Landlock is geared for riders taking a slash for the first time, bigger riders, or just the toes on the nose mellower transitioned, tail heavy session. This freshwater creation, the Landlock, features Hyperlite's softest/thickest rail with a concave top deck for that forgiving, laid-back soul turn.


+ Surf Style
For riders that like a little bit of everything. They want to generate power through their bottom turn, but still be able to quickly and easily leave the waterline. A growing style of wakesurfing designed for bigger airs leaving the wake, but can still easily lock in for a proper cutback.

+ Monocoque Construction
Integrating the top and bottom fiberglass layers into one. Generating a more durable board on side impacts to prevent delamination.

+ Layered Glass
Hyperlite's fiberglass is available in three weights depending on the board. Over time, traditional woven glass fibers will separate. With layered glass every Hyperlite deck will have the same pop off the double up year after year.

+ Single Concave Base
Channels water down the center of the board for a solid and controlled feel.

+ Biolite 3 Core
The secret recipe HL has been perfecting since day one. This core material is the gold standard in the industry and used throughout the line. Bio 3 is the lightest and most durable formula to date.

+ Molded EVA Traction
Ultra grade EVA foam that is molded has a smoother finish and I considered more comfortable.

+ Rolled Edge Profile
A more rounded rail shape that suits beginners and intermediate surfers, great for your first surf session.

+ Tail Profile - Mid
Traditional surfboard tail shape for quick carving and maneuverability.

+ Tail Shape - Winged Outline
New school progressive tail shape increasing edge control and ollie power.

+ Thruster Tri Fin
Surfing's most popular setup, tri-fin is ideal for surfers of all ability levels, the third or center fin provides additional stability and maneuverability.

+ Aaron Stumpf Shape
Aaron Stumpf leads the Hyperlite research and development team shaping many of their bestselling wakeboards and surfers. A product design specialist with 25 years of experience, Aaron also creates our manufacturing processes and innovative construction formulas.


5'9" | 20.1 Liters | Up to 300 lbs.