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Liquid Force 2022 Tao Wakeboard

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A high flying, bullet proof, monster of a park board! For those riders that put serious stress on their board and expect it to hold up under tough circumstances!

Find yourself hungry for more at the park? Elevate your riding and your inner foodie by ordering up a 2022 Tao... hot n' fresh off the grill! Better yet, super size it with the 160! Now, go burn off some calories by taking some hot laps at your local park on your brand new Tao!


+ Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker
An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake for riders that go behind a big boat wake.

+ Full Rounded Scallop Tail Shape
The round scallop tail is great for big drawn out carves, confident control and for keeping your speed when pulling out to the features. Its full shape also gives a softer landing off of kickers and features.

+ Paulownia Wood CNC'd Core
Precision CNC’d to give you the most optimized mixture of strength, flex, rebound, and control.

+ Single Concave Finless Hull with Edge and Tip Channels
The single concave bottom produces less drag while you are up on your feet and riding. It allows for soft landings and a more comfortable ride. The Edge Channels give you that bite for controlled carves and the tip channels let you keep it on lock all the way into the kickers, rails, and corners for extra boost!

+ Finless
By engineering just enough tip channels on the bottom of the board, this gave the Tao enough bite to allow maneuverability at the park without any hangups ono features. Thus allowing this board to remain finless on the water.

+ Optimized for LF 4D Bindings | Compatible with All Bindings
The industry’s first flexible track continues to lead the charge for high performance flex and feel… combined with a 4D boot, there is no other board/boot connection that feels more secure and in touch with the water! A track that moves with you and the board as you twist into carves and press onto rails… creating an unmatched connection that makes you and your board one.

+ Equipped with LF Exclusive Flextrack, Liquid Rails, and Sintered Grind Base

+ Daniel Grant Pro Model