Malibu ZF Replacement Shifter E-Control 09-13
Malibu ZF Replacement Shifter E- Control 09-13


Malibu ZF Replacement Shifter E- Control 09-13

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Replacement Livorsi shifter for the original ZF shifters (these had silver handles and a black knob on top). One of the most common problems with the original ZF shifter was the spring/button locking system would often break. This new shifter from Livorsi solves that issue.

This shifter varies based on your ECM. To verify, look for a label on the back of the original ZF shifter specifying whether it is for a Mefi 6 ECM or an E-Control ECM and order the matching replacement. In some cases, it may not be printed on the back of the control. In that situation please contact us with your HIN and we can look it up for you. Second picture of throttle is the old style your are replacing

Regarding the installation process, most of the time installing this shifter will be plug and play, there are a few exceptions on some models and years however. If you install this shifter and it doesn't work then you may need to move some of the pins on the plug -- please contact us for help if you install it and it doesn't work.

Please verify fit before ordering or it will not work and cannot be returned if opened.