A purple Phase 5 2023 Diamond Luv Wakesurf Board with an octopus on it, featuring Diamond Luv and Carbon Innegra Vertical glass.
A woman is riding a wave on a Phase 5 2023 Diamond Luv Wakesurf Board.
A woman riding a wave on a surfboard, showcasing her impressive skills in skim style. She confidently maneuvers on the Phase 5 2023 Diamond Luv Wakesurf Board, which features advanced construction materials such as Carbon Inn.
A table with different sizes and measurements, available in Phase 5 2023 Diamond Luv Wakesurf Board and Carbon Innegra Vertical glass variations.

Phase 5

Phase 5 2023 Diamond Luv Wakesurf Board

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Wakesurf Size:51"
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Phase 5 2023 Diamond Luv Wakesurf Board


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The Diamond Luv is the high-end answer to the ladies out there pushing their limits. The Luv sports all the same features as our Diamond in a scaled down version. The full tail gives you back foot control without compromising speed. It features a single 1” skim style fin that will give the Luv a true skim style feel. Built with our eye-catching Carbon Innegra Vertical glass, it catches a lot of attention. The Luv has become the go to board for riders of all levels. This is tough LUV!


+ Skim Style
A fast, responsive style of board preferred by surfers that like to have more feel with their board itself and not just the fins. They can break free easier for 360s on the water or shuvits off the water. A more forgiving style of board when riding behind a steep wake because you typically ride this style of board at a shorter length (making it less likely to dunk the nose).

+ Holographic Carbon
Holographic Glitter carbon. Sparkle, baby.

+ 3/4 Thick
More float, less responsive. Comes either continuous or tapered.

+ V.R.T. Technology
Refined vacuum assisted hand lamination process with built in glass/bar stringers on bottom edge of board for extra strength and pop.

+ Continuous Core
Same thickness from nose to tail. Adds float in 3/4” boards. All 5/8” thick boards are continuous for best performance.

+ Polyester Resin
Polyester resin is the most widely used resin in the composite industry. It provides quality strength and durability.

+ 1 Fin
Center solo fin setup found on most of Phase 5’s skim style wakesurfers. Least amount of drag offering the most speed and agility.

+ PolyLam Gloss
PolyLam Gloss finish provides a very clean and attractive looking board. Featured in Phase 5’s premium performance skim style boards.