Ronix 2020 RXT Capella 3.0 CGA Mens Vest
Ronix 2020 RXT Capella 3.0 CGA Mens Vest


Ronix 2020 RXT Capella 3.0 CGA Mens Vest

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After setting the wakeboard world on fire with the Ronix RXT wakeboard, Massi and Ronix have released a new signature vest that reimagines how a CGA style life jacket should look and feel. The all-new Ronix RXT CGA Vest weighs in at roughly half the weight of other CGA style life jackets while still having the buoyancy rating to keep you afloat and a law-abiding boater. Of course it has Massi’s unmatched style too!

Ronix Xperimental Technology (RXT) is all about bringing you all the most high-end features in a minimalist product. This CGA vest features Ronix’s most advanced Capella 3.0 design for a truly superior fit and comfort. The Zote Foam is the not so secret ingredient that makes it insanely lightweight while providing all the buoyancy needed to keep you safe. Its extended length ensures the vest covers your entire torso and doesn’t ride up on you halfway through your set.

Everything that Massi touches turns to gold. The new RXT CGA Vest is the undisputed gold standard when it comes to finding a lightweight, high-performance CGA style life jacket.


-CGA Style Vest

-Capella 3.0 Design

-Cylindrical Construction

-Zote Foam

-Manhattan Tailored Fit

-Water Resistant Liner

-2 to 1 Foam Thickness

-Extended Length

-2 Way Stretch Neoprene