A black Ronix 2022 One Capella 3.0 Men's CGA Vest, designed for comfort and mobility, with camouflage print.


Ronix 2022 One Capella 3.0 Men's CGA Vest

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Ronix 2022 One Capella 3.0 Men's CGA Vest



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Here to redefine what mobility and comfort is possible in a wake vest, the Ronix One Capella 3.0 CGA Wake Vest is a game-changer. 2-way stretch neoprene, oversized armholes, cylindrical construction, and Ronix's legendary Manhattan tailored fit all add up to the finest wake vest this side of Radar Lake.


+ CGA Approved
U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest.

+ Manhattan Tailored Fit
Designed entirely for the avid waterman. We went deep into the outfitting process and borrowed some principles from lifelong NYC tailors who know what it takes to form a flawless fit. Once Mr. Manhattan got the dimensions all dialed in, the next step was to perfect the ratio of sizes ranging from XS all the way to a 4XL. So, not only did Ronix create the perfect fit, but they had it in eight different sizes.

+ 2 to 1 Foam
Ronix always pushes the boundaries. Nobody is treating life vests with the passion for progression the way Ronix is. The standard in CGA vests, the Capella 3.0 has 2 to 1 foam for the first of its kind with tapered buoyancy. The foam starts in the chest at 2” thick, then fades to 1” thick around your stomach region. The result – buoyancy where you have to have it, and mobility where you want it.

+ Longer Torso
Some of Ronix's vests are designed 2” longer than a standard vest. Sometimes it’s just a little awkward when your belly button is saying hello.

+ Cylindrical Construction
There was this homie named Capella from back in the day. He knew the earth was round. Ronix ripped off his theories and made their vests round. A cylindrical fit that curves to your body unlike any flat vest. The only vest of its kind.

+ Two-Way Stretch
A neoprene sponge material that moves side to side when you do.

+ Water Resistant
You know that annoying face you make when you have to try on your buddy’s wet life vest? Not no more. Ronix created a liner that greatly reduces water seeping into a vest, and most importantly, reducing the weird “wet vest” face.

+ Oversized Arm Holes
Sometimes those arms like to flap – these bigger holes let you roll the windows down with ease.

+ Cushion CGA Foam
Roughly 30% heavier than Air Foam, but man is it comfy when you slip it on.