Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots
Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots


Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots

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Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Fused Core Wakeboard (Wakeboard Size):142
Ronix 2024 One Boots (Binding size):6-7
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Ronix 2023 One Timebomb Wakeboard | One Boots

142 / 6-7

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For the rider that prefers firing on all cylinders all the time, 4 fuse stringers running the length of the board, and a lightweight reactive core exclusive to this shape.

We sat in a barn working with wakeboarding’s royalty–Danny Harf–and brainstormed about how to create a relaxed ride when on the water–and anything but that when leaving it. In October of 2006 we debuted the One Series and since then we have continued to re-imagine those traits for our most versatile and popular shape. The hang time heritage continues with a design that was recently widened to create a bigger sweet spot for added stability and can be ridden more easily at slower speeds. This latest generation high-end shape is our longest running series with raw muscle power ignition when it hits the wake from our Timebomb construction. This core is equipped with fuse stringers, a unique I-Beam glass layup, and reactive Italian imported foam for riders that want the most solid, powerful drive off the wake, added glide speed, and less resistance to your body.


If we could only make One, this would be it… The 2023 One Boot is a foot-on-the-gas, high-response, powerhouse – inspired by some of our favorite sports cars. 3D molded components remove dead space around your feet creating quicker energy transfer. The most popular boot in our lineup is highlighted by our industry exclusive Intuition+ heat moldable liner and a new Cordura ballistic nylon upper, for greater longevity and durability.



+ Three-Stage Rocker
An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake for riders that go behind a big boat wake.

+ Timebomb Fused Core Construction
Make every wake jump feel like a double up. The best-selling high-end core available.

+ I Beam Construction
A second piece of glass wraps through the core creating an additional strength point, giving you rigidity unlike any other core Ronix has ever made, yet still has dampening qualities of fiberglass. The result is snappy construction with soft landings.

+ 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins
The purist fin. A clean ride with the least amount of turbulence. Precision edge hold and a powerful cutback.

+ 4 Fiberglass .8” Asym Fins
High speeds in a straight line without the locked in feel when turning. A combination of the Ramp and Free Agent fins.

+ Speedwalls
Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces at a cable park.

+ Instant Energy
This allows a quicker way to generate lift off the transition as the energy takes place sooner with a super firm snap off the wake. For riders that can handle the added kick.

+ Tip/Tail Concave

+ 2 Recessed Fin Channels

+ 2 Guide Channels

+ Danny Harf Pro Model


+ BrainFrame Technology
Exclusively built for wake, designed for the right amount of forward lean and overall fit; perfect fit with shaped support above the ankle; full size-range; baseless design for maximum board feel and response; energy transfer from heel to toe; energy load and board protection.

+ Heat Moldable Intuition+ Liner
Intuition+ heat moldable liners create a fit unique to your anatomy. With the ability to size up or down by heat molding, you will never find a better fitting boot. Because no two feet are the same.

+ Pro S.O.L.E.
Our latest footbed material formula reacts faster, boosts higher and lands softer.

+ 3D Molded Toe – Medium Density
The furthest advancement in wake footwear since the BrainFrame. 3D molded toe caps are designed around the Ronix last to create a perfect fit. Ronix uses three different material compounds to accommodate different riding styles.

+ AutoLock Technology
Unmatched ease and durability with an independent, fully rotational locking wheel, featuring a soft touch pull handle for grip. Guaranteed to lock in your ideal fit.

+ FlexForm Heel & Ankle
Our proprietary automotive grade elastomer is designed to withstand extreme tear and abuse. Found in high flex locations of our footwear, FlexForm will keep you performing to the highest level, longer than ever before.

+ Smooth Skin Lining

+ Cordua Ballastic Nylon

+ Superfabric®

+ Feetbelts

+ Ankle Shields

+ Danny Harf Pro Model

FLEX: 8/10


134 2.2 21.5-25.5 16.6 779 Up to 165
138 2.3 22.5-26.5 16.8 808 145-185
142 2.4 23.5-27.5 17 846 160-200
146 2.5 24-28 17 870 175+