Seachoice Medium Box Anchor
Seachoice Medium Box Anchor


Seachoice Medium Box Anchor

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The Seachoice Fold and Hold anchor is easy to store and holds every time you throw her over board. Whether the river/lake bottom is mud, rock, sand, or weeds, the Fold and Hold anchor will burry its four spikes deeply into the ground. The more tension on the anchor buddy the better the anchor holds.

In order to get your Fold and Hold box anchor to break loose, get your boat directly over the top of your anchor and pull straight upward.

Over are the days that your old traditional anchor isn't holding and/or getting snagged under a large rock or tree and be forced to cut it loose. As long as you throw this anchor over without forgetting to tie her up to the bow, you will never need another anchor again.

Weighs 19 pounds and good for boats between 18 and 30 feet.