2019 Wakeskate World Championships

2019 Wakeskate World Championships

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"Biggest event to ever happen in Wake" - Silas Thurman

What started as an instagram video turned into one of the most entertaining wakeskating contests yet. Bob Soven rallied together ten of the best wakeskaters in the world to Lake Lanier to battle it out for the largest wakeskate contest in history - A $10,000 prize.

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Bobs dream was to get everyone together and keep people riding in this sport. Brian Grubb, Coco Mendez, Reed Hansen and Andrew Fortenberry made it to the semi finals. We got our good friends Parks Bonifay, Silas Thurman and Champ Anderson reporting on the competition and how the riders were feeling along the way. Coco Mendez and Reed Hansen came down to the finals.

Parks Bonifay - "Coco just got done with his run had to pull out the most clutchist run ever. Hardflip at the very end. Man thats the craziest wakeskate final hands down I have ever seen"

Coco Mendez takes 1st place!!

We are looking forward to next years competition and hope there are many more to come.

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