2020 Malibu M240

2020 Malibu M240

What do we know about the all new 2020 Malibu Boats M240? Well if you are reading this article then you are probably here because you want to figure out just what all of the hype is about...unfortunately so do we! As a boat dealership who has been in business for almost 40 years and a great partner of Malibu's that goes back over a decade you'd think we'd have a little better insider knowledge on this new boat but we really don't. Malibu is keeping this one air tight!

What we do know:

On September 26th, Malibu emailed all of their dealers notifying them that they were going to be launching a teaser campaign for the all new model. Attached to the email was a photo that doesn't show us much other than a silhouette of the tower. In-fact it shows us so little about the new boat model that it almost doesn't even feel like a tease.

Later that day Malibu's social media accounts presented us with the following video. Similar to the teaser photo it doesn't show us much about the new boat. On display in this 15 second video are a series of fibers and wires coming together. The closing shot is of the engine making us assume that some of the new highlights on the M240 will be some major tech and engine performance updates. We are very excited to bring you more information about this boat at Evening with the Stars (Nov. 22nd) and Portland Boat Show (Jan. 8th).

UPDATE: Oct. 1st

This morning around 7:30am Pacific Time, Malibu Boats posted an update for the 2020 M240 via Social Media. They played an extended version of the video seen above and announced that you can now learn everything there is to know about the M240. Click the link before to start building your own Malibu M240.

2020 Malibu M240

Stay tuned to our blog as we will be posting an update the second that we have one. Fell free to follow the link for more information:

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