Wakeboard Staff Picks 2022


Staff Wake Picks | 2022

Our staff finally got our hands on all the new 2022 product! We wanted to do this back in November, when we first got all the new 2022 boards, but we stayed patient. Now that we've finally received everything and hit the water for some "product testing", here are our top picks for all things wake!

Hyperlite 2022 Rusty Pro Wakeboard - Main (1)


AWS General Manager HYPERLITE RUSTY PRO WAKEBOARD Ride Style: Hammers/anything to impress the kiddos Favorite Spot: Lake Shasta "The Rusty Pro is my favorite board for this year because it's aggressive continuous rocker gives me predictable pop with ease, and it holds an edge into the wake really well. Whether I'm going out there to just carve it up, or stomp something new out in the flats, this board really does it all."

Liquid Force 2023 Index 6R Bindings - Main (1)


Oregon City Pro Shop Lead LIQUID FORCE INDEX 6R BOOTS Ride Style: Carve & Flow Favorite Spot: 10th St. with the Active homies "The new Index boots from Liquid Force are so rad! When I am 70 feet back, I like to just carve up the flats and the Index 6R is perfect for that. They offer a ton of support and reactiveness, while still being flexible for those smooth, flowy turns. Not to mention, they are super comfortable and let me ride till my arms and legs give out."


E-Commerce ManagerHyperlite State wakeboard with Remix Bindings HYPERLITE STATE/REMIX Ride Style: Mostly catching edges/face full of water Favorite Spot: Wherever the good vides are "I'm a big fan of the State board/Remix boot set-up because it's a great bang for your buck. When I'm out on the water I just want to have fun! This set-up has helped progress my riding big time, and I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg. I tried my other buddy's set-ups and struggled getting edge to edge, but having less rail on my toe side made it super easy to start cutting back and forth. Finally feeling like I got the hang of it!"


Gel-Coat Service TechRonix One Blackout wakeboard RONIX ONE BLACKOUT Ride Style: Bigger the better Favorite Spot: Hebb Park "The Ronix One Blackout is the lightest, most reactive ride I've ever felt on a wakeboard! I try to push myself to add a couple new tricks to the bag every summer, and this board helps me do just that. The pop is insane, the board is light, man this board just provides massive airtime! I've been able to get around on really whatever I'm trying. Definitely a must have if you're looking to stomp some new tricks this summer!"