Not sure what wakesurf board or accessory to pick up from the shop this summer? We've got you covered! All of our 2022 gear has finally landed, and after a quick field trip out to the water, we've found our favorites! Finding that perfect board can be tricky. It depends on your wake, weight, ability level, and desired riding style. For any help dialing in the right board for you, feel free to give our knowledgable wakesurf experts a call at (503) 342-4681!

JeremyLiquid Force 2022 Space Pod Wakesurf Board

Service Manager LIQUID FORCE SPACE POD Ride Style: Smooth turns and slashes Favorite Spot: Lake Green Peter "This board is epic! After a long day dealing with boat problem after problem, the last thing I want is to have problems surfing behind the boat. When I'm on this thing, nothing else matters. The Space Pod is super light and reactive underneath my feet, it does exactly what I want it to do! Definitely a sweet board, regardless if you're just looking to cruise, or looking to get after it with some big airs and wake hacks."


Pro Shop Sales AssociateHyperlite Hifi wakesurf board HYPERLITE HI-FI Ride Style: Aggressive Favorite Spot: Wherever that wake is pumpin' "I used to be a surf style guy, but this skim board from Hyperlite and Noah Flegel have changed my mind. By far my favorite skim style board I've ever been on! This board's swing weight and durable construction make it pretty easy to pop out of the water for shuvs and it spins real easily for those 360s. For anyone thinking about adding a skim board to their quiver this year, this would be my go-to! And if you're looking for something a little more advanced, the Hyperlite Transistor is that perfect step-up."


Creative Director LIQUID FORCE KEEN Ride Style: Skatey Favorite Spot: Behind those juicy Supra wakes "Home base is whatever skate park will keep the lights on, so when I'm back behind the boat I like trying the same maneuvers I'd try on the concrete. Austin Keen's board by Liquid Force has been the easiest board to help me transition from the skate park to the boat. I like that the EPS foam and fiberglass lamination make it feel a little more surfy, but the light weight carbon innegra deck still keeps it spinning nice and quick!"

ChadHyperlite 2023 Broadcast Wakesurf Board - Main

Malibu/Axis Brand Specialist BROADCAST Ride Style: Loyal to the foil Favorite Spot: Lake Billy Chinook "I used to be a big surf style guy, but recently I've been on the foil bandwagon. The Broadcast is my pick for 2022 because it's a must have wakesurf on the boat! It won't make you a pro necessarily, but it's great to have for anyone looking to learn. Whether it's Grandma Nancy or little nephew Billy, anyone and everyone can be successful getting up and eventually tossing the rope in on this thing. This board is super durable too, so you'll keep it on your boat to teach the newcomers forever." "Also, I wanted to add, for foils this year, everyones gotta try the Liquid Force Nebula/Horizion 160 set up! If you're pledging your loyalty to any foil this year, it's gotta be this one!."