Summer Lunch Break - Chris Loomis

Summer Lunch Break: Episode 19 with Chris Loomis

Let's grub out, hang out, and talk wakeboarding!

Welcome back to episode 19 of Summer Lunch Break! Today we sit down with the Western Territory Director for Malibu Boats, Chris Loomis. Chris has been a part of the boating community since his early days and a part of the Malibu team for over 20 years!

During this interview, Chris takes some time to discuss the innovation and developmental movements Malibu has made over the last 40 years to produce some of the industry's leading wake boats. If you know Malibu (and you totally should) you know the patented Surf System and the incredible waves it produces at the touch of a button. Lucky for us, Chris gives us the full scoop on how this engineering masterpiece was developed!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself… what's the ONE thing that sells a boat, you better sit back, relax and listen to find out!

Give it a watch below, on our Youtube channel, or listen on Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Apple Podcasts. See you next week!