Zeb Powell can wakeboard, valdosta wake compound, space mob edit

Zeb Powell Releases Valdosta Wake Compound Edit

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Valdosta Wake Compound | Planet Zebulon

We've seen Zeb Powell featured in some Space Mob clips before, and it never disappoints. This time around, Zeb recapped a trip out to Valdosta Wake Compound to link up with Quinn Silvernale, Crosse Bearden, Wesley Mark Jacobsen, and the rest of the Space Mob homies. During the trip, Zeb showcased some skating, wake skating, the premiere of TCTMTT, and of course, some wakeboarding. Regardless if you're loyal to the cable or to the mountains, seeing athletes crossover like this and just ooze stoke has to get you fired up! No doubt one of the best videos out this year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFJ2yKAOEro

From the snow to wake, Zeb can do it all!

Watching this edit had us reminiscing back to Summer 2021 when we got the chance to have Zeb and some of the Windells / High Cascade guys out on the Willamette River with us for a day of boating. Check out these clips of Zeb absolutely ripping on the Liquid Force Trip.