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Supra Boats Signs Cody Hunnicutt

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Jr. Pro Wakeboarder & Content Creator, Cody Hunnicutt Joins #TeamSupra

Cody Hunnicutt had a tremendous 2021 season, taking gold at the IWWF Pan American Wakeboard Championships. He's been pumping out great content both on his IG, and for @TheWakeChannel YouTube. Originally from Nashville, Cody has been living in Orlando as of late honing in on his craft, and learning from greats like Mike Dowdy and Trevor Hansen. It's safe to say, you can expect big things from #TeamSupra's newest addition!
Check out this video of JB ONeill and Cody shredding early last season
About Cody IG: @codyhunnicutt_ Other Sponsors: Hyperlite Wake, Mystic Boarding, Midwest Shades Career Achievements: WWA Boys National Champion, IWWF PanAmerican Games Champion, PWT 2nd Overall Jr. Pro Men, 3rd at Masters Jr. Pro Men, Host/Filmer on @thewakechannel # of Years Riding: 9 Years

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