MISSION Boat Gear is a Minnesota based company that was founded by industrial designer and business developer Kris Clover in September 2014. After spending countless hours on the water with his family and friends, he began to realize that many of the accessories that were available for use with recreational boats were either outdated designs or no longer met the needs of modern boaters. Kris set out to investigate the market and discovered many opportunities to innovate. He started by focusing on the wake shaping market.

A MISSION blue and orange tent with the words mission on it is perfect for summer camping adventures.
The MISSION Reef Hex 82 Mat (11.5' X 11.5'), an inflatable raft, is shown on a yellow background.
MISSION Reef Hex 82 Mat (11.5' X 11.5')
Sale price$1,599.00
A MISSION Reef Hex 112 Inflatable Water Mat (11.5' x 13' x 4") with the word mission on it.

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