We are proud to say that we were the first Oregon dealer to carry Ronix in our pro shop in 2005. Being partnered since the start has allowed us to see the evolution over the years and Ronix does truly strive for perfection. They have always been so generous to us – having us up for dealer days at Radar Lake, letting us ride around at Lake Ronix, always being available to teach us about all the latest products they have to offer, and being alongside us to make sure our customers get what they need. We are looking forward to what Ronix has up their sleeves for the upcoming years.

An affordable Ronix Daydream Women's CGA Vest with purple flowers on it that is buoyancy tested and CGA approved.
Ronix Daydream Women's CGA Vest
Sale price$99.99
A quick-reacting Ronix wakeboard with a surfer aesthetic, featuring a black and blue color scheme and a hint of pink.
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It's simple, ronix is a leader in innovation and design.